Remember, you need a hall pass from your

teacher to visit the counselor area! :)


As a student at Youree Drive Middle AP Magnet, please remember to:


  • Come to school, attend all classes on time, stay in the classroom unless you have a hall pass (planner) to leave, and remain on the school campus at all times during school hours.


  • Walk at all times inside the school, on the playground, and while going to the buses. 


  • Have a hall pass (student planner) when leaving the class during instructional time. The planner must be filled in correctly with the destination, the time the student left, and the teacher’s signature.


  • Pay attention in class and work to the best of your ability at all times.




Will the counselor tell my parents and teachers everything I say?


When we talk I will do my best to keep our conversations confidential. Confidential means “between you and me”. If we are talking about how angry you are at your sister or how worried you are about you math class… things like that we can keep that between you and me.
Sometimes, however the counselor may have to break our confidentiality and ask for more help. A reason I may do this is if you plan on hurting yourself or others or if someone is hurting you. If you have questions about this, just ask us!




How To Achieve Great Grades


                 Be Organized:

1. Use your planner

2. Have phone numbers of your classmates

3. Keep your locker organized

4. Get ready for the next day the night before



                 Be Successful in Class:

1. Be in school, on time, everyday

2. Use all class time to do your work! (Then you have less homework.)

3. Be prepared for each class

4. Participate

5. Take responsibility for you grades

6. Be an active listener


                 Be a Smart Studier:

1. Find a quiet, well-lit place to study

2. Organize your study time

3. Study for your hardest subjects first

4. Use tricks to memorize information

5. Follow the same routine every night


                Ask If You Need Help:

1. Ask teachers to clarify information you don’t understand

2. Talk to your parents about problems in school

Pencil and notepad

Contact Assistant Principal of Discipline on more information about how to report bullying at Youree.